Foto: ÖRS/Daniela Matjeschek: Schloss Schallaburg
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Schallaburg Castle near Melk

International exhibition centre of Lower Austria.

Schallaburg Castle some 5km from Melk, ranks amongst the most beautiful Renaissance castles North of the Alps.

about the castle Schallaburg

The castle Schallaburg


Situated not far from the Wachau and in the heart of the Mostviertel, Schallaburg castle ranks among Austria’s most beautiful exhibition venues. With its unique combination of annually changing exhibitions, historic castle experience and relaxing castle garden, Schallaburg is the perfect destination for day-trippers. 

Exhibition: “Byzantium & the West. A millennium forgotten”

This year, Schallaburg Castle is recalling a fascinating story from the past. It is about prejudices and the thirst for knowledge, about greed and fascination, about two worlds that were so intimately interwoven and yet so far apart. It is the story of Byzantium and the West. We put to sea with pilgrims, merchants and crusaders, meet Charlemagne at his coronation in Rome, and accompany the Byzantine Princess Theodora on her way from Constantinople to Austria.

Exhibits from around the globe make “Byzantium & the West” a unique exhibition indeed, including pieces from renowned collections such as the Paris Musée de Louvre, the Treasury of San Marco in Venice and the Israel Museum in Jerusalem.


From Medieval to Renaissance

With its unique terracotta courtyard Schallaburg is one of the most impressive Renaissance castles north of the Alps. The large castle garden is a place of contemplation, a retreat for reading, having a picnic, hanging around – or indeed for archery! The team of the Schallaburg castle is happy to assist you with planning your excursion by phone (T +43(0) 2754 6317-0) or e-mail ( 

Events 2018

→ 6.5.                   NÖ Familienfest
→ 10. 5.                Most & Kultur
→ 26.5.                 Garten-Tag auf der Schallaburg
→ 3.-.5.8.              KUNST WERK TAGE
→ 30.9.                 Schmankerlfest / Tag des Denkmals

upcoming event:  
→ 1.-.2.12.              NÖ Spielefest
→ 14.-16.12.           Christkindlmarkt