Grünau amidst Almtal Valley

Grünau amidst Almtal Valley satisfies the visitors who come to rejoice in this pleasant village so rich in beautiful things and one that delights in welcoming those who come to share them… 

about Grünau


The lovely scenery around Grünau offers unparalleled opportunities to explore, experience and connect with nature. In the 1970ies, Austrian animal and behavioral science researcher and Nobel Prize Laureate in medicine, Konrad Lorenz, founded his research center in Grünau. He investigated social development in his semi-tame flock of Graylag geese and in ravens, kingfishers and the endangered forest Ibis. So chances are good you might spot such a bird when roaming about Grünau.

Grünau is a friendly community where visitors are warmly welcomed to enjoy the awesome beauty of nature. Stroll around the Nature Preserve of idyllic Almsee Lake or explore the lovely Ödsee Lakes that are embedded in the end of the valley. 

Visit the Cumberland Deer Park, a 60 ha sanctuary for a wide variety of animals or embark on an interpretative forest tour led by an experienced forester. Take some quiet time listening to nature and absorbing the magnificent scenery…

Those wanting to reach higher grounds can savor the conquest of a peak in lofty Totes Gebirge Range. And Kasberg Mountain is readily accessible by the scenic Farrenau mountain road in the summer.

Little folks are a big deal in Grünau, Almtal Valley! Outstanding attractions and activities create memories that will stay with your little ones forever: Cumberland Deer Park is crisscrossed by lovely trails where visitors can stroll around and view over 500 animals of some 70 different species in a natural habitat. Take a walk along the Trail of Senses that runs beside Alm River, join the fun activity programs with the Almtal Farmers, visit the Schindlbach Children’s Land, … there’s a lot to discover and enjoy!

In the winter, the pristine setting and the peaceful environments of Grünau and Almtal Valley lend itself to outstanding outdoor activities as well. Take a spin around frozen Almsee Lake on ice skates, glide across the snow laden forests of ‚Jagersimmerl’ on cross country skis and walk into a winter wonderland at Cumberland Deer Park. The local Kasberg Ski Resort has a naturally divided terrain with 40 kilometers of runs that are serviced by 14 topnotch ski lifts and state-of-the-art snowmaking equipment. The resort boasts an eight passenger gondola, a quad chair lift and a Children’s Ski Land with covered magic carpet and skier’s roundabout.

What’s more, Grünau has friendly accommodations to suit all tastes and budgets and various friendly inns and restaurants where a choice range of refreshments and freshly cooked food is on offer and where visitors will be warmly welcomed.