Bummerlhaus Late Gothic Building


Bummerlhaus Late Gothic Building
Stadtplatz 27
4402 Steyr

+43 7252 532290
+43 7252 53229 - 15

Steyr has one of the most beautiful downtown squares in Europe, where Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque and Rococo meet each other in harmony. Lovely Bummerlhaus is a jewel of late-Gothic architecture.

Situated on Steyr´s downtown square, the Bummerlhaus is the symbol of the town and the best preserved secular building in the province. Parts of the building date back to the 13th century. In the 19th century, the structure housed the "Zum Goldenen Löwen" ("To the Golden Lion") Inn. The Lion, which can still be seen on the signboard, was lovingly dubbed "Bummerl" by the residents, meaning `little plump dog´. Thus the Inn was given the name "Bummerlhaus".

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