The Romantik Hotel & Restaurant Gmachl is the oldest family-run establishment in Austria and, while preserving all the best that a long tradition can offer, it is managed as a modern, innovative hotel by the family´s 22nd generation.

gmachlThis jewel dates back to 1334 and lies in lush green surroundings only 8 km from the old town centre of Salzburg. Rooms with aesthetic interiors and elegant studios create an atmosphere to feel good. The Spa & Beauty centre provides relaxation during their stay. The Hauben kitchen offers regional specialities, served in the old and lovingly-restored restaurant and romantic garden.

Specials / Facts

  • Toque-awarded restaurant
  • Spa & beauty area
  • Various packages
  • Gourmet weeks several times a year

Information & Booking:

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Romantik Hotel Gmachl Elixhausen GmbH & Co KG
Dorfstrasse 14
5161 Elixhausen
Telefon: +43 (0)662 480212
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