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Romantic Road to Vienna via Bad Ischl, Gmunden Almtal, Kremsmünster, Steyr.

  • Salzburg – Mondsee (27 km)

    Salzburg – Mondsee (27 km)

    From Mozart’s hometown you’ll head towards Mondsee Lake. We recommend taking B 1 Road to Eugendorf and continuing your journey past Thalgau to Mondsee. The faster yet less scenic route travels along the autobahn Salzburg – Vienna to the […]

  • Mondsee – St. Wolfgang (34 km)

    Mondsee – St. Wolfgang (34 km)

    You leave the village of Mondsee with its beautiful basilica. Along the B154 Federal Raod you head to St. Wolfgang/Lake Wolfgang past Krottensee Lake and St. Gilgen (34km, Mondseestraße /B154 Federal Road and Wolfgangsee Straße/B158 Federal Road). Mondsee – St. Wolfgang […]

  • St.Wolfgang – Bad Ischl (17 km)

    St.Wolfgang – Bad Ischl (17 km)

    From St. Wolfgang your drive along Wolfgangsee Straße (B158 Federal Road) to the charming imperial town of Bad Ischl (17km, Wolfgangsee Straße/B158 Federal Road). St. Wolfgang – Bad Ischl auf einer größeren Karte anzeigen  More information about St. Wolfgang […]

  • Bad Ischl – Traunkirchen (23 km)

    Bad Ischl – Traunkirchen (23 km)

    From Bad Ischl you take Salzkammergut Straße (B145 Federal Road) to Traunkirchen. Bad Ischl – Traunkirchen auf einer größeren Karte anzeigen  More information about Bad Ischl  More information about Traunkirchen

  • Traunkirchen – Gmunden (9 km)

    Traunkirchen – Gmunden (9 km)

    B145 Federal Road winds its way along Traunsee Lake to Altmünster. Enjoy the fantastic view of Traunsein Mountain, Traunsee Lake and Schloss Ebenzweier Castle (today a vocational school) and treat yourself to freshly caught fish or “Steckerlfisch” […]

  • Gmunden – Scharnstein (16 km)

    Gmunden – Scharnstein (16 km)

    Now you leave the Traunsee region. Follow the brown “Romantikstraße” signposts along B120 Federal Raod past St. Konrad to Scharnstein. The ride to Scharnstein leads across a hilly and colourful area. The view of Tote Gebirge Mountain Range […]

  • Grünau – Scharnstein – Kremsmünster (29 km)

    Grünau – Scharnstein – Kremsmünster (29 km)

    Follow B120 Federal Road from Grünau back to Scharnstein. Then you head towards Pettenbach. Change to Kremsmüsterer Provincial Road (L562) towards Voitsdorf there. The journey continues across the hilly foothills of the Alps to Kremsmünster past Ried/Traunkreis (fortified church worth […]

  • Kremsmünster – Steyr (28 km)

    Kremsmünster – Steyr (28 km)

    You leave Kremsmünster on B122 Federal Road, the majestic Benedictine Monastery at your back. After 28km you get to Steyr in the Kalkalpen National Park (28km, B122 Federal Road). Kremsmünster – Steyr auf einer größeren Karte anzeigen  More information […]

  • Steyr – Seitenstetten – Maria Taferl (58 km)

    Steyr – Seitenstetten – Maria Taferl (58 km)

    You leave Steyr and follow B122 Federal Road to Seitenstetten where the breath-taking ensemble of the Benedictine Monastery with its Baroque church and art collection awaits you. From there you continue to Aschbach Markt. On the B121 Federal Road […]

  • Maria Taferl – Schallaburg (24 km)

    Maria Taferl – Schallaburg (24 km)

    Maria Taferl parish and pilgrimage church majestically towers above the Danube. Follow the gentle stream and continue on the B3 Federal Road to get to the Schallaburg Renaissance Castle via Melk (24km, B3 Federal Road). Maria Taferl – Schallaburg auf […]

  • Schallaburg – Wien (150 km)

    Schallaburg – Wien (150 km)

    From Schallaburg Castle you drive towards Melk and follow the Danube to Vienna. Along the Danube are romantic villages like e.g. Spitz, Weißenkirchen (St. Michael fortified church), Dürnstein (castle ruins and monastery church), Krems and many more. The route is […]