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Find descriptions on towns and villages along the Romantic Road—between Salzburg and Vienna and passing through the Austrian Provinces of Salzburg, Upper Austria and Lower Austria.

  • Bad Ischl

    Bad Ischl

    Some 55 kilometers east from Salzburg, Bad Ischl is the cultural hub and geographic center of Salzkammergut Lake District. Emperor Franz Joseph I selected Bad Ischl as the summer holiday seat of the Hapsburg Empire […]

  • Gosau am Dachstein – UNESCO World Natural Heritage

    Gosau am Dachstein – UNESCO World Natural Heritage

    The municipality of Gosau with its approximately 1,800 inhabitants is located at 767m of altitude in Gosautal Valley and surrounded by mountains. The view from Gosausee Lake to King Dachstein (2,996m) is world-famous. The popular photo motif has always […]

  • Gmunden


    The name Gmunden derives from the German word Gmünd-Gemünd-Gemunden for mouth and refers to its location as Gmunden lies where the Traun River empties into Traunsee Lake. The lake was called “Lacus Felix”, literally “happy […]

  • Hallstatt


    The bizarre town of Hallstatt is enveloped by some of the most breathtaking scenery in the world that was listed the World Cultural Heritage Site „Hallstatt – Dachstein/Salzkammergut“ by UNESCO in 1997. The mighty mountains […]

  • Kremsmünster


    Kremsmünster is located amidst the hilly landscape of the Upper Austrian foothills of the Alps. The monastery that was founded by the Bavarian Duke Tassilo III in 777 unites belief and science in a fruitful […]

  • Grünau amidst Almtal Valley

    Grünau amidst Almtal Valley

    Grünau amidst Almtal Valley satisfies the visitors who come to rejoice in this pleasant village so rich in beautiful things and one that delights in welcoming those who come to share them…  The lovely scenery […]

  • Mondsee


    With its two lovely lakes, Mondsee and Irrsee, the MondSeeLand Region was already a popular destination among Austria’s former royalty. Only 27 kilometers out from Salzburg, today it is one of the most desirable summer […]

  • Scharnstein


    The picturesque commune of Scharnstein is tucked away in the foothills of the Alps and lies at the heart of scenic Salzkammergut Lake District, on foot of mighty Totes Gebirge Range. At all times of […]

  • St. Wolfgang

    St. Wolfgang

    Lake Wolfgang – a travel and holiday destination Find your place to be at the Lake Wolfgangsee. 
The 4-season holiday paradise.

You enter this stage in the heart of the Salzkammergut, and we clap! Your holiday […]

  • Schallaburg Castle near Melk

    Schallaburg Castle near Melk

    Schloss Schallaburg Castle International exhibition centre of Lower Austria. Schallaburg Castle some 5km from Melk, ranks amongst the most beautiful Renaissance castles North of the Alps. The castle’s oldest roots date back to the Middle […]

  • Steyr


    Steyr, on the confluence of the Rivers Enns and Steyr is a town with a thousand years of history. The town was at the heart of Austria’s iron industry for centuries and the legacy of […]

  • Salzburg


    Salzburg, the capital of the province of the same name, is thanks to its ideal geographic location an intersection of old European trade routes. It can be easily reached by train, car or airplane from […]

  • Traunkirchen


    Traunkirchen, one of the most picturesque places of the Salzkammergut, is located on a peninsula at the western shores of Traunsee Lake. The idyllic village centre is marked by the former monastery, Johannesberg Mountain and […]